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Electronic Health Record

This is the main section of the software, it takes control of health records of the patients.

New Patient

Medical history

Health Record

Schedule Module

Software section to record appointments by doctor, department, medical center or medical specialty.
and doctor personal calendar.

Personal Schedule

Multiple Appointments

Medical Notes

Software section for recording medical notes, such as evolution note, monitoring note, presurgical note, postsurgical note, pre anesthetic note, etc.

Hospital Admission

Software section for controlling admission of patients to hospital, for scheduled surgery or emergency procedures.

Hospitalization Module

Software section for the control of hospitalized patients in the hospital.


Nursing center


Software section for the control of stock, kardex and movements of the hospital center.


Software Section to control inputs and outputs of medicines and healing materials of the pharmacy.


Software Section for the financial control in the medical center, billing services and account statements of the patients.